With the world moving towards “technology-dependent”, the basics have been overlooked!

I’m lucky enough to be born in the 80’s where I’ve got the chance to experience both sides of the communication, “The orthodox model of sending a Post-Card” and “The AI-based E-Mails”. The digitization has made it easier than ever to bridge real-life challenges. We certainly have travelled a lot in recent years.

Both options and choices to everything in our lives fluster us more. We role our eye-balls to products & service which are not of any “value-generator” in our lives, but end up buying “not so” the most relevant ones. Arguably, the most basic and best method to come to a conclusion for “need-based analysis” is to experience as an individual. In today’s world, when we are “fully depended” on the rating of the product or service for our own experience, how on earth can someone be aware of the likes and dislikes of the human being.

Personally, I believe technology plays a crucial role in streamlining the customer service function for many organizations, onboarding the right talent, the rigmarole of daily operations. On the contrary, both individual and companies, digital solutions can never take the place of the ‘human touch’. Ever, given a thought, we desperately wait to connect with the operator when we dial any hotline number and want to bypass pressing the “binary digits” on our communication device, it’s for a simple reason, I need to hear the human voice ASAP to exchange the sentiments for a solution, suggestion or any relevant query. The moment we get to hear the most relevant words and lines, we start feeling exuberant (to some extent).

Human beings are born with an impeccable capacity to send and receive signals with emotions without any technology catalyst, our brain register and act on two simple and yet important part of lives – “what we see” and “what we hear”. If the two parts of life are not in sync with each other the brain struggles to transcript the signal and communication. Apparently, we always tend to register more what we see than what we hear – which is why one reason we try to meet the human to “see and hear.”

A good example here would be easy to relate the experience we get as a customer in our day to day lives. For the person, engrossed in the mundane daily task, it’s difficult to provide quality service and experience to the person who is at the receiver’s end. Two factors, which actually impact the transaction with the two human – “Emotions and Expectations“. AI/ML and other new-age technology tools can’t even get closer to bridge the gap of customer experience which a human touch can.

In my experience, there are four factors which have been espoused by me when balancing tech and touch strategy.

1. Optimum Utilization: The use of technology has gone to that extent of palm reading and deciding the future of the person with few MBs of APK (Android App) and IPA (iOS App) installer files. The best way to use technology is to not be “so depended” and use counteractive model or proposition to extract the best results from within while shopping, eating, reading or scouting talent for your organization.

2. The Cultural Effect: Connect with the person in the right set of priority, make the person feel how important is the person on this planet. Impress the individual by the rhetoric used in the lines of motivation. The technology can certainly create analytics for the person employed with the employer but can’t teach to achieve goals. Nothing can be insurmountable with the culture one brings on the table.

3. The Unmatched Code: Deploy a person with handsome full of skills in communication, approach, selling and relationship building at a place where we have been interacting with persons who lack to understand the customer experience. Invest in humans, not in technology.

4. Humans created Technology: It’s we the humans we have developed tools to make our lives easier and smooth. The way we see and hear, no technology can beat the interpretations of the data with our the best god-gift tool in the world – “The Sense” which comes straight from our “Brain and Heart”.

The Key to having the best results in any profession, industry, sector is to keep the “basics” intact. Technology should complement us to interact with humans to enhance the customer experience and the level of excitement in an individual. However, technology can be a strategic partner of humans in their lives but not the deciding factor.

Our thoughts have curated the data, don’t let data to decide the fate